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Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Congratulations You Got The Interview!!!
Preparation is Key to Your Success!!!
Do Your Homework!!!
Be Passionate!!!


  1. Research the company that you are going to have the interview with. Go on the internet and Google that company. View their website. Check out the about us section and see what other information on the website that you can state in the interview to show that you know something about that company.  

  2. Know all the interview logistics, such as parking, office location, and you confirmed the date and time. 

  3. Prepare and practice for the interview by reviewing the questions that you might have. Google questions that an interviewer ask an interviewee and this will give you many questions and see the top questions to help you practice.  

  4. Look up the address and receive directions from an internet map site, such as Mapquest, Google Maps or Yahoo Maps

  5. Take a practice run to the location where you are having the interview to see how long that it might take you. Please take in consideration traffic so add extra time. 

  6. Prepare at least 7 STAR Stories.  S – What was the Situation that you were faced with? T – What was the Task to be accomplished? A – What were the Actions that you took? R – What were your Results

  7. Prepare at least 5 – 8 questions to ask the interviewer when they ask you at the end do you have any questions. Google questions to ask interviewer and you will find many great questions to ask. Always be prepared to ask questions.  See sample questions below.

  8. Ask a friend or family member to do a mock interview with you. 

  9. Planned interview attire that is appropriate and professional for the job, the company, and industry. Navy or grey suit with white shirt or blouse and black shoes.

  10. I have thoroughly inspected my outfit, including suit, shirt, pants, shoes, jewelry, hose and tie. Conservative (very limited) use of jewelry.

  11. Make sure that your outfit is clean and neatly pressed.  

  12. Make sure that your shoes are clean and polished. Google - Attire for an interview.

  13. Make sure your hair is clean and neat.

  14. Avoid heavy fragrances (light scents, if any).

  15. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Do not be late.

  16. Greet the receptionist or assistant with courtesy and respect and make a great first impression. 

  17. Bring extra copies of your resume to the interview. 

  18. Bring a professional portfolio and pen.

  19. Bring a list of references. Make sure to ask the individuals first. 

  20. Make sure that your cell phone is turned off or silent. 

  21. Shake hands firmly!

  22. Make good eye contact with the interviewer. 

  23. Sit upright and alert at all times! Keeping good body language! 

  24. Maintain a high confidence and energy level, but do not be aggressive.

  25. Never lie. Answer the questions truthfully in a positive manner. Do not ever be negative. 

  26. Do not ever speak negative about a previous employer or former co-worker.

  27. Show off the research that you have done when responding to questions. 

  28. Request business cards from each person that you interviewed with or at least ask the correct spelling of their first and last name. 

  29. Immediately write down notes after the interview concludes so that you don’t forget some important details. 

  30. Write thank you letters/email within 24 hours to each person who you interviewed with. Google – Interview Thank you letters.  Drop the letters and leave it with the receptionist or assistant to give to the individuals that you interviewed with. 

Sample Questions

Sample Questions To Ask Interviewer

  1. How did you come to work here? 

  2. What do you love most about working here?

  3. Who is the most successful recent hire and why? 

  4. Who did not succeed as a new hire and why? 

  5. What is the company’s biggest challenge to success this year and how will I be able to help overcome it in this role? 

  6. What does success look like in this position, and how do you measure it? 

  7. What additional skills or experience do you wish I had that would make me a better fit for this job? 

  8. Why is this position currently open? 

  9. What can I clarify for you about my qualifications? 

  10. What are the biggest challenges of this job? 

  11. How has the company changed over the last few years? 

  12. What are the company’s plan for growth and development?  

  13. What are the next steps in this process? 

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