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  • What is our process of finding employees?
    We start an immediate search and recruitment effort. Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC will get complete details from you and will ask you some questions so we can get clear understanding of what your needs are, so that we can only send you phenomenal professionals.
  • What is the timeframe to get an employee in our company?
    The actual time to successfully find an employee for you will vary based on our current employee database and what is your specific needs. We are committed to only sending you phenomenal people.
  • What kind of background checks do you provide?
    A comprehensive background check and references check will be done upon request from the client. We can also obtain drug screening test. Driving record screening can also be done as requested. Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC can also provide these services as well as provide any other needs that you might have or security checks. We can coordinate these services through our office for a fee, or you may decide to do them yourself through your usual service providers.
  • Why should I use Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC instead of filling the position on my own?"
    We can help you! We distinguish ourselves by meeting and exceeding our commitments by providing exceptional service and quality. Our screening process for our applicants allows us to match their skills to the positions. We work hard every day to meet the needs of our clients by delivering the services and solutions that will give them a phenomenal experience.
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