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Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC is Your Business Partner for Success

You are more than a client….You are a Business Partner


Phenomenal Experience

We distinguish ourselves by meeting and exceeding our commitments by providing exceptional service and quality. We at Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC, are dedicated to delivering a win-win phenomenal experience for our clients and professionals.

Phenomenal Organization

We at Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC are a phenomenal organization that provide workforce solutions and services through which everyone that comes in contact with us will experience the love of God.



Phenomenal Talent

Trinity Staffing and Career Resources is here to deliver phenomenal talent, provide workforce solutions, and services that meet our clients’ resourcing needs. We pride ourselves on having phenomenal employees. We know that you have many options, but not much time. Every professional is interviewed, screened, and evaluated.

Talent and Skills

• Light Industrial

• Office – Clerical and Administrative

• Information Technology

• Professional - Managerial

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