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Hiring Process

1. Initial Screening:

We ask some key questions first to prospective professionals that apply to work for us, so that we can determine whether or not we will then schedule them for a personal interview.

2. Employment Application:

The prospective professionals will complete an application. The information will be used to help us to assess their skills and capabilities to determine what type of positions will best suit them.


3. Skill Evaluation:

Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC has computerized methods to evaluate the skills of prospective professionals. Every prospective professional will take an evaluation test that will measure their skills.


4. Personal Interview:

Personal Interviews will be conducted with every prospective professional. We learn enough about the individual so that we can make a determination whether we will accept him/her as one of our professionals. We can then verify and also clarify their skills to determine their overall strengths and weaknesses.


5. Orientation:

Once the application is completed the professional will receive an orientation during which they will learn about Trinity Staffing and Career Resources, LLC and what our expectations are of them. We will also answer any questions that they might have.

6. Reference Checking and Background Check:

The final phase of our screening process for prospective professionals is to do reference checks and to obtain a comprehensive background check. We will obtain a comprehensive background check report and we will check at least 2 references for each individual to obtain feedback of their work experience and past job performance.

7. I-9 Verification:

We do comply with the I-9 policy of verifying employment eligibility to be in compliance with government regulations. I-9’s are completed and verified. I-9’s are confidentially stored in our office once an employee starts an assignment.

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